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  • Age 35 (Taurus)
  • Gender Male
  • Ethnicity White/Caucasian
  • Country United States
  • State Virginia
  • RegionSouthampton County
  • Town 23503, Norfolk
  • Member since 09/12/2017
  • Profile Views 506
  • Last login 10/10/2017


  • Orientation Gay
  • Dating status Open relationship
  • Smoking No
  • Drink alcoholic Sometimes
  • Humor Clever
  • Party No
  • Religion Agnostic
  • Occupation Musician

    Person details

  • Height 5.10
  • Figure Few extra pounds
  • Weight (lb) 220
  • Eye color Blue
  • Hair color Blonde
  • Hair style Short
  • Tattoos None
  • Piercings None

About me

I am David, a gay male currently residing in the Oceanview part of Norfolk, Virginia.  I host karaoke for a living, and do many accounting related side jobs to make ends meet (I have a bachelor's degree in it so yeah)  Anyway, I'm really into sucking dick.  I can't explain it except that's what it is.  Have been since I first did it back when I was a teen.  I enjoy being sucked almost as much.  Anal, well give me a little alcohol and numb the pain and we'll talk--I'm vers when it comes to that, but that takes more work than I normally want to give.  I love making xtube videos too-but can also run the discreet route, but with or without-I just enjoy playing.  I am married, I am open and honest about this addiction and we support each other's vices.  We play separate more often than together, but not necessairly limited to that.  Also have light interest in vanilla bondage and light submission/domination.  Into clean, or close to it, feet and pits, love having mine attented to.  All races can be attractive, and age really is a number--hot guys can be any age--I do tend to be attracted to people withint 5 years of my own age--but I have found notable exceptions, and a hot dick is a hot dick. Naturally on the masculine side, but unlike most 'masculine' guys, I'm not turned off my feminine or neutral guys.  As long as you are you-we can talk--even if it's not for sexual purposes.  Love gaming, music in general, and reading (especially classic tales) 


All genres have their upspots.  Particularly love Happy upbeat fun music--pointless lyrics are easy to get lost in.  If their are genres I hate, well I tend to dislike Trap (very negative and/or overly boastful-and usually without the meaning of actual Rap), Country (Particularly old stereotype country, again I like being happy), and Hardcore Heavy Metal (Sorry I like melodic music, while chaos can be great in art, in this case it's just not me) but all those have exceptionss 


Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Disney, Nerdcore


Same as Movies


Gaming (esp Old School), Walking, Scripting, Karaoke, Movies, Reading, Travel, Sex

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Lovests 09/29/2017

I'm so hard thinking about having hot kinky sex with you