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  • Age 30 (Aquarius)
  • Gender Female
  • Ethnicity White/Caucasian
  • Country United States
  • State California
  • RegionSan Diego County
  • Town 92129, San Diego
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  • Orientation Bi
  • Dating status Single
  • Smoking Yes
  • Drink alcoholic Yes
  • Humor Campy (Cheesy)
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  • Religion Agnostic
  • Occupation Vampire

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  • Figure Petite
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About me

Hey guys and girls!! My name is Riley, im 21 years old and i'm originally from Ohio but i now live in San Diego. I'm a goth girl and definitely proud of it :) ... And quickly about that....if you don't like goths or think they are weird or strange then that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion. but please don't take time out of your day to message me and tell me, because that really makes you a little pathetic. I consider myself fun loving, funny, wild, crazy..basically just love to have a good time. Im here to have fun and hopefully make some friends along the way. Oh, and im not a \\"friend collector\\" i really couldn't care how many friends i have, i just accept everybody because A) I'm nice .. and B) I'm way too lazy to go through you all and only accept certain people Message me i'm awesome lol *muah* xo


Twiztid, ICP, A Perfect Circle, Godsmack, Skinny Puppy, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Black Sabbath, Lacuna Coil, Priestess, Coal Chamber, Type O Negative, White Zombie, Monster Magnet, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Moonspell, Tenacious D :) Also LOVE tons of scandinavian Gothic / metl bands ... I wont list them all here because it woul take me too long and most of your probably wouldn't of heard of them anyway, but ask me if you want to know :)


Anything dark, gritty and atmospheric ..for example i LOVE all of Tim Burtons movies Also love B-movie horrors (yes i know they are lame..thats why i love them) Oh, and Kevin Smith's Movies :)


Alan Moore, Chuck Palahniuk, Neli Gaiman, Garth Ennis. I'm gonna stop there because i could easilly carry on all day


Does sleeping technically count as a hobby?? Main hobbies are really anything artistic and things that keep my brain active. I Love to paint (not very well) and write short stories (much better) Hanging with friends, shooting pool, playing cards...generally just havin a good time!

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tophpoint0 02/28/2011

I am DEFINITELY glad I found you.....


anywayz my names is christoph...

hit me back if you think I look like someone you wanna chat with


dreama07851 09/18/2010

just stop by to say hello sexxy i hope you have a good day!!!!

evilTendencies 06/08/2010

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Just wanted to drop in and say hello gorgeous!