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Don't underestimate good conversation.. Sexing my mind leads to getting the panties off πŸ˜‰


  • Age 41 (Aquarius)
  • Gender Female
  • Ethnicity Black/African descent
  • Country United States
  • State Florida
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  • Member since 01/08/2017
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  • Orientation Bi
  • Dating status Married
  • Smoking No
  • Drink alcoholic Sometimes
  • Humor Anything
  • Party
  • Religion Christian - other
  • Occupation Chillin'

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  • Height
  • Figure Curvy
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About me

I'm back on again for the umpteenth time... I get bored what can I say. My old name was thckazzbitch..so if you've friended me before, maybe you will again. I'm definitely NOT in any way shape or form looking for anything. I've wasted too much time on bullshit ass people. I'm here to look at pics, videos, and profiles. I'm not looking to chat offline at all. If you chatted with me before then you'd already have offline info if we had mutual interest. I'm married.. Not so happily obviously, and I'm discreet in what I do...if and when I do it. I'm a big gurl, BBW, whatever you choose to call it. Don't like my type... Your loss.. No tears shed here. I accept just about all requests. But do not inbox me with some bullshit...be respectful at all times please. Again, I have no time for bullshitters and liars.. Have had my fill of that! Ladies get at me if you are real. I always accept friend requests from the ladies. I will have privates soon, ask nicely and you will get the invite. No I will not exchange pics so don't ask. Pic comments are much appreciated and loved. I try to return the love.


Various types


Whatever looks interesting


Been a while since I've had time to read a book.


I don't really have any

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KandyLikHer 01/17/2017

Welcome back mami

ChoclitLuv32 01/17/2017

Its about time lol....j/k.....Welcome back

GodLikeSex 01/16/2017

Conversation rules the nation

therealwolf 01/15/2017

U need a vacation Lol ;)

GodLikeSex 01/14/2017

Thats how we feel about all the phat lipsπŸ˜›