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  • Age 64 (Virgo)
  • Gender Male
  • Ethnicity White/Caucasian
  • Country United States
  • State Ohio
  • RegionCuyahoga County
  • Town 44111,
  • Member since 01/20/2007
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  • Orientation Straight
  • Dating status Single
  • Smoking Sometimes
  • Drink alcoholic Sometimes
  • Humor Campy (Cheesy)
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  • Religion Other
  • Occupation Artist

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  • Figure Petite
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About me

Google me the internet cannot lie. I hold a university degree and have held many jobs from shoveling mud to working for fortune 100 corporations.(pretty much the same with the women that have wandered in and out of my life) I don't relish the fact but i guess as an artist i am in the process of paying my dues. Someday perhaps people will wipe their behinds with tissue with my name on it.


Mine that i have recorded. Twelve Cd's to date Dance and head trip stuff. Most is not out commercially yet. There are plenty download sites to check out my creative works.


Sad i have a very vivid imagination so most movies ae hyped up easy to discern evens, But some mind blowers have been Eracer Head, Day of the Trivits, and one Frank Zappa did. also any cheap japanese monster movies where the little kid runs out from the crowd to pet the monster and gets his arm disjointed by his grieving parent, I have seen so much porn its become canned and not spiritually stimulating.


Too many to count have enormous library. I am into more tech stuff, things that i simply cannot remember and use books for reference points.


My art music is my main work a never ending battle,that consumes most of my waking time the challenges of ebay. Bicycling, although i have become a slacker, I am constantly organizing things, I used to like to do adventure type things snowboard and roller and skateboard but i wrecked my knee some years ago and don't take chances The typical rock star things however they dont even turn me on. I like sex that works out without strange psychological hitches and just becomes a natural groovy thing. (need more of that believe me)

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