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easynsleazy Just Treat Me Right....and By Right I Mean Oh So Wrong ;)


  • Age 27 (Leo)
  • Gender Female
  • Ethnicity White/Caucasian
  • Country United States
  • State Georgia
  • RegionLiberty County
  • Town 31315,
  • Member since 05/17/2009
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  • Orientation Bi
  • Dating status Single
  • Smoking Yes
  • Drink alcoholic Yes
  • Humor Campy (Cheesy)
  • Party
  • Religion Agnostic
  • Occupation Self employed

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  • Height
  • Figure Petite
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About me


i like all kinds of music though i like something i can shake my booty to;)


i like horror movies, action movies, and oh yea porn.lol.



im kind of a nerd, a guy friend told me about this so i figured why not. he explained every thing and even helped with the pixors (thanx buddy). other than that idk, i work, play, and whatnot.private gets a private and all that jazz. guys-i have a man and a guy freind so if you wanna message me make it good or ill just delete it

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Whiteboy103 12/06/2011

Very srxy

KaylaGreen 02/14/2010

Hey sweetie great to see you on here! I sent you an invite to my private section. I hope to get one back from you! Talk to you soon beautiful! :-)

PR823 10/20/2009

cam baby lets cam

WetNNasty 10/14/2009

Thanks for adding me babeee... keep in touch with your sexy emails and comments on my pics...it turns me on to see which ones people like the most so I can add more. :tongue:
It can also be so erotic to get messages from my hot friends telling me what they or in a few cases they and their man also, would do to/with me if I were to suddenly appear naked in their bed... :biggrin: I'm very "open minded" sexually and will try about anything at least twice...hehhe So don't hold back telling me what you'd do!
- Kim