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WetHornyBiGirl Proud Looking To Exchange My (many Many) Naughty Pics With Women/couples From All Over The World. NO MEN! MEN AND COUPLES WITH ONLY MEN PICS Will Be Blocked!


  • Age 29 (Virgo)
  • Gender Female
  • Ethnicity White/Caucasian
  • Country United States
  • State Illinois
  • RegionDeKalb County
  • Town 60178, Sycamore
  • Member since 09/18/2009
  • Profile Views 86393
  • Last login 03/09/2012


  • Orientation Bi
  • Dating status In a relationship
  • Smoking No
  • Drink alcoholic Socially
  • Humor Campy (Cheesy)
  • Party
  • Religion Other
  • Occupation Smurfett

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  • Height
  • Figure Petite
  • Weight (lb)
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
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About me

Ask me and find out.


the moaning of a woman (whether myself or another) is music to my ears 0:D


Looking to exchange my (many many) naughty pics with women/couples from all over the world. NO MEN! Men add me and be blocked! You have been warned Oh this is the movies section... i like porn :D hehe


erotic novels get me moist


I want to see women / couples. Show me yours i show you mine and believe me i have a lot of pics A fantasy of mine is watching a sexy girl or couple on cam and telling them either: What I want her/them to do What I want to do to her/them What I want them to do to each other. If you're interested in letting me watch you, let me know! ;) If not, that's cool too. DISCLAIMER: I DO have a cam but you will NOT see it unless I REALLY REALLY trust you! I just want to see others :) GUYS! I DO NOT want to watch you jerk off on cam! Ever!!! UPDATE! if you only have a few private pics (3 or less) then you have to message me to as for mine. i might allow you access. yet undecided, depending on how polite you are to me. UPDATE 2! Couples, if your private section is two pics of her and a million of him i am not interested. i dont find guys attractive. female bodies on the other hand will ALWAYS make me dripping wet. a couple close up pussy shots doesnt not constitute pictures of her. i wanna boobs butt pussy full body shots not just very zoomed pussy shots. Update 3! This is getting ridiculous that i have to say this but if your profile says "couple" and first thing i see is his dick and none of her OR if it says "couple" and it is only a pic of a guy and thats it (or any other circumstance where i dont believe you are really a couple) i will block you right away. UPDATE ON THIS UPDATE! I have gotten a lot of friend requests from "couples" with names like "josh123" or "hornyhardman"... You will be blocked. I look at couples profiles and if it is private you will be blocked. Period. But you are not even reading this anyways cuz a lot of the "couples" are just dumb illiterate men. Update 4! MEN READ THIS! if you are going to message me with a question, you will get an answer then be blocked. if you ask a question and want an answer do not set your profile to "only accept messages from friends". you wont get an answer, only blocked.

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Hope you have a kinky Sunday!

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Hope your Thursday is as tasty as ours.

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Hope you had a great WEEKEND!

malachi1 01/04/2011

Hey send a private invite back.

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