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SpinDoll May Be An Old Dog, But I Can Still Bury A Bone!

I got hit by a truck while I was riding my bicycle. Any Vegas friends that would like to take a shift helping me at home, would be appreciated a lot!


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  • Occupation Pornstar

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About me

I am sorry everyone but some how my whole page vanished!! I had dozens of hours of work into it. I don't know if I can ever put it back. Tons of info is just gone! **FREEDOM OF SPEECH 1789 - 2008 R.I.P.**

This is my old massage ad. The number and the out call price has changed to 150, 200 for both. I do all types of massage from strictly theraputic to erotic G-spot massages. Soft and sensual or deep tissue. Women and Couples Only=blue> click here for free image hosting
I Guarantee you will enjoy your massage or your money back!
I will at least put my contact info back up: 702-488-2l l4 RickSpinDoll@gmail.com I am not on here for endless emailing back and forth and collecting friends I never meet. I understand that some are across the country or planet. But if we are in the same area or you are visiting Las Vegas we can at least meet for coffee. I like people.

Do you want to get healthy again? Even if you have AIDS, CANCER, TB, CHD, RA, Herpes, Depression, HPV, HIV, Hep A-E, ALZ, Sciatica, UTIs, STDs, and much more it is possible. All with NO SURGERY, NO DRUGS, NO CHEMO and NO RADIATION. I give a 100% guarantee. You don't have to pay me till your cancer or whatever is gone. It's a fraction of the cost of Western Medicine but I don't accept insurance at this time. I will still accept USD for now, but Silver/gold are preferred methods of payment, after you are healthy of course. BTW, if it's FDA Approved I won't take it. No one ever died from taking too many herbs. 300,000 people die every year from taking preion drugs in the US alone. It's your life, be skeptical. I want you to be.


Go to clips4sale.com/11504 if you would like to buy any whole movies and help me get back in business after being illegally imprisoned for 2 years. For DVDs call or email me directly. THANKS!




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I like both kinds of music. Country and Western. David Allen Coe and Mel Tillis are a couple of my favorites.

I'm a professional pornagrapher, but naturally when the shooting money is flowing the local girls that fuck me for fun move to the head of the line.


I make my own. If you are nice looking, 18 or over, born female, like having fun and making money then you can star in some with me. Pregnant is ok also as long as you are 7 - 9 months. Over 40 is ok right now also. I'm also open to content trades for all you out there with your own sites.

I don't watch TV but I do have a few movies that everyone should see. And those are AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM, IN PLANE SITE and ZEITGEIST.

If you like the samples of the video clips I uploaded you can purchase them at 702-488-2ll4 in DVD, or you can download these and many more of my videos here: www.clip4sale.com/11504" Has over 200 of my Videos.


Books, how about we book a shoot? We are doing a lot of content exchange shoots right now but let us know if you would rather have the fiat money/ counterfeit federal reserve notes.=blue>

I am damn near done with Sex Secrets of a Porn Star Including the Instant Orgasm. I will first release it as an Ebook and then in a hard back/paper back. The book covers many subjects such as proper anal techniques, fisting, g-spot massage, squirting and even sexual health so you can keep fucking when your old.


Younger Women (not too young, 18 is as young as I do), Naked hiking, Hot springs, nudist camps and making women cum as fast and long as possible. Photography, even though it's part of my job I enjoy it. And of course I like sex, I have a health sex drive. Couples and submissive little sluts are lot of fun. Shooting fine pistols and rifles. Pumping iron and martial arts. Massage Swapping, and Orgasm Swapping too.

I also enjoy teaching people about the dangers of the American Death Diet, Vaccines, Fluoride, Aspartame, Spray Planes and Chemical Trails, Who really attacked us on 11 Sep 01, the FDA and Drug Companies not to mention all Piss down our backs that the US Gov. calls rain. I almost forgot to mention FISTING and SPANKING PUSSIES!

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MelCai 10/29/2011

I hope that is a good thing

CassidyExe 06/24/2011

You do the best enemas.  I hadn't shit for days and you got it all out.  You should move in with me.

TawnyOcean 04/15/2009

Thanks for the enema before the shoot. I felt so much better!

mikeinsocal 03/16/2009

thought you might like this.....what a dumb ass>>>>Lexington, Maryland (The Weekly Vice) -- A Maryland couple's sex experimentation went horribly wrong Sunday, landing a woman in the hospital with severe injuries to more than her pride. According to Maryland State Police, a 27-year-old woman was airlifted Sunday to Prince George's County Hospital Center after she was injured by a saber saw during a moment of intimacy. The man who called 911 told police that he had attached a sex toy to the end of a saber saw and proceeded to use it on his partner. The saw cut through the plastic toy and wounded the woman severely enough to warrant a trip by Med-evac. She was released Monday after treatment for her injuries. The woman told investigators that the act occurred during a moment of consensual sex. She said that she and her partner were attempting to try something new and that no crime was committed, according to the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office. The hospital above is the actual hospital, however the tool photographed above is not the actual tool - but it's disturbingly similar. If you really must see the entire thing, you can look here and here.

CassidyExe 02/24/2009

Thanks for fucking me soooo good:tongue: