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  • Age 38 (Cancer)
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  • Orientation Lesbian
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  • Humor Campy (Cheesy)
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  • Religion Agnostic
  • Occupation Billionare

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About me

I have recently realized that I NEED to have a lesbian experience. All I think about is sliding my tongue between some big wet pussy lips. Just thinking about a eating a sweet juicy snatch makes my pussy start to pulse. If you want to let me eat your pussy then PLEASE contact me. No relationship...I just want to suck on a big clit. The bigger the better, I want to be able to suck on it like a little cock while I shove my fingers deep in your cunt.  Most of my pictures are public, I like to get comments.   


I like watching a man (or men) jack off to other people fucking. Here is another fantasy. I go to a strip club to find a couple I can take home. I sit at the stage with the girls dancing in front of me and spreading their fine asses wide apart in front of me, making me want to taste some sweet pussy so bad. I go up to the bar to find a couple. I see a couple at the end of the bar, the girl is tall and thin, very sexy. The guy would do. She is very into watching the girls so I go over to help her feel comfortable. I start watching the same girl she is. I tell her it's great to get a lap dance from these sexy girls. She finally gives in. After many many drinks, I move over and sit in between the couple, with my ass half on the guy. I tell her that I would love to give her a lap dance. She wants one, and asks where. I tell her my house. We all leave. When we get to my house, I take them to the bedroom. I sit the guy down on the chair, and take her to the bed. I strip down naked and start shaking my ass in front of her. She giggles and slaps my ass. I continue to rub my ass and pussy on her. She slaps my ass again, I grab her hand and slide it between my legs to my pussy. She slides her fingers in and out a few times before pulling back. I lay her down and start kissing her. I tell her I am going to taste her. I pull her shirt off her and start sucking on her perfect perky titties. Then I slide her booty shorts off her and lick her pussy through her panties. She raises her hips to shove her pussy in my face so i lightly bite her pussy through her panties. I ask the guy if her likes what her sees? he says fuck yes, so I tell him to show me how much this turns him on. i tell him to take his pants off and jack his cock while I eat her pussy. I pull her panties off and lightly lick her pussy lips and then slide my tongue between them. When my tongue slips between her lips, i taste her sweet juices and have to have more. I bury my face deep in her pussy, sucking on her clit. I suck her clit up in my mouth and start flicking my tongue back and forth. I slide my fingers deep in her pussy hole. Her hips start moving up and down and she holds my head tight against pussy. She starts to cum all over my face, her juices dripping down my chin. The guys is hard and jacking his cock. I ask him if her want to see more. He begs us not to stop. I reposition us into the 69 position, but close to the end of the bed so he can get a good look. I am on bottom so i spread her ass cheeks apart so he can get a good look as she rides my face. I can see the guy jacking his cock faster, he is rock hard. I pull her hips down and start licking her asshole. She is nervous at first but i hold her there and start rubbing my tongue lightly around her asshole. Then I rub my hole tongue across hor ass hole and she lets out a moan. I start tonguing her asshole like I am making out with it. She pushes her as down so my tongue presses harder into her ass. I push her ass up and tell him to come over to us. Since we are so close to the edge of the bed he walks right up between her legs and over my head. I grab his cock and slide between her ass cheeks and between her pussy lips. I rub his cock all over her pussy without sliding it in. I rest his cock between her pussy lips sp the head of his cock is resting on her clit. I start licking the shaft of his cock, and make my way down to the head. I lick the head of his cock and then lick her clit. I pull her hips down and suck on her clit and the tip of his cock at the same time. He start sliding the shaft of his cock back and forth between her pussy lips so more and more of his cock goes in my mouth. I take his cock in my hand and start jacking him off. I pull her back and start tonguing her asshole again. She pushes her ass back and relaxes so my tongue slides in. I pull him closer and start rubbing his cock around her asshole. I suck on his cock for a second to get it wet and then take the tip of his cock and start pressing it into her asshole. She tightens up so I start sucking on her clit. Her asshole relaxes and her pushes his cock in her slowly. He start pumping harder, his balls hitting me in the face. I stay latched on to her pussy until she yells she is going to cum. As she cums in my mouth, he blows his load deep in her ass.




Here is a fantasy I would like to turn into a hobby! I am out at a crowded bar. As I go up to get a drink a hot skinny sexy girl moves in front of me. She is wearing the shortest little skirt, so short her ass cheeks are almost hanging out. As people push their way through I start grabbing her ass. Instead of pulling away, she moves closer to me. I ask her if she wants to dance. We go out on the dance floor and are grinding on each other. I dance down he floor and look up her skirt, she isn't wearing panties. As we dance I start grabbing her ass again. Letting my hand slip further and further between her ass cheeks until my finger finally feel her wet pussy. I slide them in as far as i can and then lick my fingers clean. She tastes so good, I have to have a taste of her sweet cunt. I start to dance down on her, as I come back up, I slip my head under her skirt and give her pussy a small lick. She tastes so good I have to go down for another lick and another. I can't take it any longer, I take her to a dark corner table. We start to make out, I spread her legs apart and I slide my finger deep inside her. I go under the table, pull her sweet little ass to the end of the booth so i can get taste her cum. It is so wet I have to lick it clean before I can start eating it. I spread her ass cheeks apart and start licking her tight little white asshole. I lick the her pussy lips before i spread them apart shove my tongue in her tight pussy hole. I suck her entire pussy in my mouth before I latch on to her big clit. Her clit is so big I suck it in and out of my mouth, I suck on her clit like it's a cock. I slide my fingers in her as I suck her clit. I feel her pussy start to pulse and taste her sweet juices as she cums.

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