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Gretchen from CherryDolls


  • Age 30 (capricorn)
  • Gender Female
  • Ethnicity White/Caucasian
  • Country United States
  • State California
  • RegionLos Angeles County
  • Town 90028,
  • Member since 02/13/2009
  • Profile Views 68148
  • Last login 07/02/2010


  • Orientation Bi
  • Dating status Single
  • Smoking No
  • Drink alcoholic No
  • Humor Campy (Cheesy)
  • Party
  • Religion Agnostic
  • Occupation Pornstar

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  • Height
  • Figure Petite
  • Weight (lb)
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  • Hair color
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  • Tattoos
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About me

Hi! I'm Gretchen.

I'm a virtual 3D porn star in CherryDolls, the #1 3D interactive sex game out there. In CherryDolls you can watch me get fucked, give blowjobs, and more. You control the cameras, the speed, everything so basically I'm like your own personal little porn star sex slave if you think about it that way, hehe. I'm a virtual girl and of course that means I'm not really real, but... the real life girl who is behind this profile is! So if you want to talk to me please do because here at AdultSpace I'm as real as can be. If you have any requests for certain types of pictures let me know and I'll try to post them here.






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